Tech Coaching with Tricia

I make tech make sense.

You are Freaking Amazing, Sister.

Seriously. You literally dream transformations into reality. Who else does that? Your work changes the world.

Except when it doesn’t. If the work you do isn’t present in the marketplace, if the people who are desperately searching for what you do can’t find you, nothing changes.

That’s where I come in.

I’ve spent way too long building and documenting systems for tech companies, while I watch healers, artists, activits, and creatives struggle to put up a website or build an email funnel that actually works for them.

I am done watching women whose work actually matters struggle with technology.

Why Tech Coaching?

You know the saying about teaching a (wo)man to fish and you’ll feed her for a lifetime?

That’s what tech coaching is all about.

Sure, I could just go in and make it all work for you, but then you’d need to hire me again and again every time things change. Instead, I’d rather empower you how to work with the technology.

How Does Tech Coaching Work?

The most important element of tech coaching is that I meet you where you are, and we work together to overcome your tech blocks in whatever way makes the most sense for you.

Maybe you’re best in a group, with tons of curated resources to luxuriate in.

Or maybe one-on-one support feels great to you. Either way, I’m here to help you bring your work to the world.


Group Coaching

Private Coaching

Inspiring words from other playfully creative entrepreneurs: 

Thank you so so so so much! So grateful for you.


Tricia's kind and creative approach to making dreams come true was a perfect fit and a pleasure during a time that could have been really scary and I am so glad we didn't give up when many others would have.

What I've loved about working with Tricia is that she knows when to push me and when to help me work around or through the challenges that are specific to my life as a mother and wife as well as business woman. She has never made me feel that I was being a coward by taking a slow but steady approach to moving away from a corporate career-- she understood that I needed to consider my responsibilities to my family as well as to myself. On the other hand, she doesn't let me use my family responsibilities as an excuse to avoid actively pursuing my goal of entrepreneurship.

Also did I mention that she's my number one advocate to make sure I don't undervalue myself or my services? Maybe the most important thing is that I know she understands first hand the energy that goes into juggling all the roles (motherhood, being a spouse, and an entrepreneur) so she gives me real world, useful solutions, not just things she read in a book or in a course somewhere else, which means I can trust her and feel safe following her suggestions.